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Our jungle's saviors

Because of human influences, only one-third of the tropical rainforest is still intact. Every minute, we lose the size of 36 soccer fields. These rainforests belong to the most ancient, species-rich ecosystems in the world. Oasebos’ amazing goal is to protect those of Costa Rica. These forests are the lungs of our world and home for animals such as the jaguar, tapir & many others.

In these forests, many animals- and plant species are depending on each other. When affected, it’s insanely hard to regain the right balance.

Oasebos came up with the perfect solution: Protecting forests to make them unavailable for economical traffic. Oasebos accomplishes this by buying rainforests and keeping them in their natural state: Pure and breathtaking.

On the right, (Below for mobile users) you will find a video of one of the three jungles which Oasebos is securing. The subtitles are available in Dutch only.
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